About us
CNH Co., Ltd was established as Chohung Lease Co., Ltd in 1989 and changed its name to CNH Capital Co., Ltd in 2002. In August 31, 2009, the company split off its credit finance division and became a holding company under the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act.

M&A, Principal Investments (PI), Real Estate Investments, Venture Capital

As a holding company, we have actively acquired top-tier domestic and foreign companies. We also invest in listed and unlisted firms in accordance with our investment philosophy. Our investment activities have been successful in improving profits, building and growing businesses, and enhancing shareholder value.

Type Contents Notes
Business area M&A and Principal Investments  
CFO Chunho (Bryan) Lee  
Address 9th floor Golden Tower 144-17 Samsung-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul  
Asset Individual USD 140M As of the end of 2010
Consolidated USD 348M  
Net Asset Individual USD 108M  
Consolidated USD 110M  
<1USD : 1,067.5KRW, June 30. 2011Year>