We engage in mergers and acquisitions with the goal of developing a positive, beneficial relationship with the acquired company or business. We typically acquire majority ownership and management control and entrust the existing executives to continue managing and operating the business. We enhance shareholder value and pursue sustainable growth by relying on corporate synergies founded on mutual trust and collaboration with the existing executives that are welcomed into the CNH family.
We target companies with strong financial backgrounds and significant growth potential where the share price is undervalued relative to enterprise value. We often acquire large positions and hold them for upwards of two or three years.
One of our key strategies for successful venture investing is finding valuable companies that have tremendous growth potential due to a novel technology or business model, particularly in high-tech industries. We invest directly or through funds managed by experienced venture capitalists.
We invest in income-generating real estate where we expect the income and capital appreciation to provide exceptional returns. Current portfolio investments include commercial properties and studio residences.